I make theatre, live art, interactive installations and socially engaged projects. I like to work in the spaces between disciplines and discover new languages for performance through collaboration.

My current work is exploring notions of freedom and bravery and is inspired by autobiographical experience in relation to socio-political landscapes. For me, making art is about creating a platform from where I can shout about the things that matter to me, it’s about uncovering hidden narratives, reading between the lines and attempting to explore that which is often brushed under the carpet.

I’ve recently presented work at The Lowry, Tate Modern, New Art Exchange, Contact, National Theatre of Wales, Battersea Arts Centre, The Yard, //BUZZCUT//, Derby Theatre and Nottingham Playhouse and have been supported by Arts Council England, Arts Connect, mac birmingham, Curve, Ovalhouse and BBC Performing Arts Fund.

Rachael also works as a lecturer, mentor and outside eye for other artists.  She is currently lecturing on the London Theatre’s MA course at University of Roehampton and will be working with London Contemporary School of Dance later in the year.

Follow Rachael on twitter @Rachaelraymck

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