How does your hair relate to your sense of identity?

What do cultural relationships to hair tell us about attitudes towards race, gender, class, sexuality?

If you were the supersonic version of yourself, what would your hair look like?

Crown of Confidence is a DIY Hair Salon, an intimate social space for practically re-imagining yourself through the art of hairstyling.  In celebration of nonconformity and self expression, artist/hair dresser Rachael Young invites you to reflect on the significance of your current styling choices, whilst creating a brand new look on a real hairdressing mannequin.

Having originally created the work in collaboration with artist/hair dresser Richard Houguez, it was presented at New Art Exchange in 2014/15.  Since then new versions of the installation have taken place at Women of the World Festival 2017 (Southbank Centre), Tate Modern’s ‘Turbine Festival’ and ‘The Birmingham Weekender’.


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Crowns of Confidence is available to book as a workshop or installation and is suitable for a wide range of groups.

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