Company Manager – Job Description 


Fixed 4-month contract with intention to extend dependent on fundraising 


15 days across February-May 2021 (approx. 1 day per week, but would both require and allow for flexibility) 


£180 per day = £2,700 total 


This post will commence on the basis of remote working, but should it continue long-term it would be hoped the Company Manager was either based or within travelling distance to London to work face-to-face with Rachael on occasion. 


Rachael Young is an award-winning artist and writer. Her interdisciplinary performance practice exists on the boundaries between live art, dance, contemporary theatre and socially engaged projects. Her work creates spaces for intersectional realities to be explored and celebrated and for alternative narratives and forms to evolve and be heard. 

Rachael Young is looking for a Company Manager with a vision for how their role could develop, and how they could help strategise for the future of Rachael’s work and the company. Simultaneously, the Company Manager will need to provide administrative support to Rachael to ensure the smooth running of all financial and company-related processes. Rachael is currently trading as an individual, although is considering this structure through a programme of organisational development. This role is advertised as a fixed contract, as this is the funding that is currently in place, however it is hoped that this role can continue into the future if further funding is sought. 

The Company Manager will: 

  • Manage day-to-day relationships – liaising with producer, partners and Artist Assistant – and have an overview of company business. 
  • Undertake day to day bookkeeping including payments, invoicing and record keeping.
  • Maintain monthly cash flow.
  • Support project producers in financial reporting. 
  • Manage Rachael’s diary alongside Artist Assistant.
  • Negotiate any contracts that are not specifically project related.
  • Be the point of contact for various project producers.
  • Have some responsibility for team management, such as check-ins with the Artist Assistant.
  • Undertake interim tour booking management.
  • Undertake potential work around setting up a company format. 
  • Give general administrative support to Rachael. 



  • A passion for and proven experience of producing and managing artists’ work.
  • Experience of managing budgets. 
  • Experience of writing funding applications.
  • Experience of supporting creatives and being sensitive to the creative process, and a genuine interest in the work that Rachael produces.
  • Knowledge of administrative and IT systems. 
  • Excellent organisational skills and eye for detail, with the ability to create and manage systems for efficiency. 
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Forward thinking and able to anticipate needs.
  • Able to maintain a broad overview of multiple current and future projects of many different forms. 
  • Progressive, and with a positive, flexible outlook. 
  • Genuine commitment to cultural diversity, access and inclusivity.
  • Someone who has a vision for how their role might develop, and who wants to grow along with Rachael and the future company. 


  • Working knowledge of supporting individuals who are neurodiverse.
  • Experience of tour booking.

We are keen to receive applications from a diverse range of candidates, so we would particularly encourage applications from the following interested candidates 

  • Black and/or Global Majority identifying.
  • Female or non-binary identifying. 
  • Queer identifying.
  • Disabled identifying. 

To apply for this role: please send a CV and covering letter of no more than 2 pages by 18th January 2020 to info@rachaelyoung.net 

Please answer the following questions in the cover letter: 

  1. How do you think your past experience will support this job role? 
  2. Why would you like to take up this role specifically? 
  3. Would you be interested in this becoming a long-term role and why? 

Applications in other formats are welcomed. Any audio or video submissions should be no more than 10 minutes long. 

If you would like an informal conversation first, please contact info@rachaelyoung.net 


We will offer feedback to all shortlisted candidates.